Manpower Provider in India
Every organization, big or small struggles to deal with the government regulations and ever changing market demands.  When things are not certain, a business may require hiring employees on a contract basis or a good manpower provider. Temporary staffing and labor dispatch services comes to their rescue.
Enhance business Solutions not only provides temporary staffing and labor dispatch services but also works as a third party and manpower provider and Employee administration.

Temporary Staffing :

Temporary Staffing :

It provides business with the flexibility of an agile, on-demand workforce that is equipped to run operations in a way that you want them to. This gives flexibility to hire additional workers for more work. Once the work is completed, workers can go back to their places. When you engage a temporary staff, you get manpower who are already trained to do the work you need, so you don’t have to waste time and money.
EBS is a pioneer in proving temporary staffing and manpower solutions to growing firms in India.

Manpower :

For a business to run successfully, three factors are essential – namely material,  money and manpower. While the first two are easily handled by the company, they faced difficulty in finding the third factor. Here comes the role of manpower recruitment services.


Enhance Business Solutions works as a temporary staffing service provider and provides manpower
to the companies who do not want to spend time on hiring employees. EBS helps in hiring and maintenance of key resources in such a way that it allows maximum utilization of human resources and hence reduces the cost.

Labor Dispatch Services  :

Labor Dispatch Services ebs
It is an important option for foreign companies in India that require low cost and flexible method to hire efficient employees. Whether for short term project or meeting deadlines, labor dispatch proves to be top choice when compared with other traditional methods of hiring.


Enhance Business Solutions, provides reliable  services in India that enables  a business to build
 their manpower without worrying about them full time, assist overloaded employees during critical times and keeps the project going on without any hassles.
EBS is one of the leading labor dispatch service providers in India, which offers cost-effective Human Resource Management services to organizations which might not have the necessary infrastructure or inclination to perform and apply these labor-intensive tasks. It even provides the firms with the luxury of having third-party payrolls, (Third party payroll system is basically working for a company and getting the salary from some other company) which will reduce their costs.

Third Party Payroll :

EBS works as a third party payroll.  Payroll processing is very complicated and lengthy process and must adhere to number of rules and laws.


EBS specializes in payroll processing and is familiar with all rules and regulations and they will in turn play vital role in avoiding any possible legal problems that a company may face.
Highlights of Enhance Business Solution’s Temporary Staffing includes:-
  • Temporary Employees who will stay on our Payroll (Third Party Payroll)
  • Labor Dispatch services will be completely handled by us
  • Payroll and Employee administration
  • Employee registration under EPF and ESIC schemes
  • Hiring employees based on the Government rules and regulations
  • Hiring of labor dispatch services based on the ever-changing market demand and
  • Statutory compliance, remittance of statutory payments etc.
  • Essential manpower service provider

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